Membership Patients

Benefits of Membership

Office and Telehealth Visits when needed. Same or next day appointments. 

Easy communication with Provider via Phone, Email, Texts, Video chats using a secure patient portal. 

"Meet and Greet Visit" with Provider to review full Medical History, Establish Patient Needs & Focus, and develop a mutually agreed upon Plan of Care.

Longer appointment times.  Acute sick/Urgent visits during Clinic Hours.

 Chronic Care Management. Ongoing Preventative and Wellness visits. 

Access to Discounted Labs, Procedures, Radiology, Prescriptions. 

Referrals to Specialists as needed. Guidance through healthcare system.

Discounts for paying membership fees semi-annually or annually instead of monthly.

Individual Plans

Child Age 2 To 17


Individual Age 18 To 64


Individual Age 65+


Family Discounted Plans

Adult Couple

$130 per month

Single Parent + Up to   4 Kids

$150 per month

Family 2 Adults + Up to 4 Kids

$200 per month

What's Covered?

Available to all Members

Comprehensive Annual Exam 

Ongoing Preventative/Wellness Care

Acute and Urgent Visits during Clinic Hours

Management of Chronic Illness

Yearly Baseline Lab Panel: CBC, CMP, TSH, Lipids, A1C & PSA- (men only)

Dietary/Nutritional Counseling

Weight Management / Exercise Recommendations

Sports/School/Camp/Scouts Physicals

Return to School / Work Clearance and Note

Pre-Adoption Medical Clearance

Available if medically indicated and appropriate as determined by Provider. 

Rapid Strep A test                          

Rapid Influenza A&B test

Mono test

Urine pregnancy test      

Urine test (dipstick)        

Fingerstick Blood Glucose  

Ear Wax removal (Curette vs Irrigation)

Basic wound care and first aid

Prescriptions Called into local Pharmacy (*cost of prescription not covered)

Available at clinic, but requires an additional low cost for members to cover supplies/required medication: 

Steroid Injection- Depo-Medrol ($18-$36 depending on dose)

Antibiotic Injection- Rocephin ($15-$25 depending on dose)

Anti-Nausea Injection- Phenergan ($8)

NSAID (Anti-inflammatory) Injection- Toradol ($8)

Removal of Skin Tags $20 for 1-5 removed; $40 for 6+removed

Nebulizer Treatments (not including cost of mask $4)

Skin Biopsies (not including pathology charge-sent directly to patient by lab)

I&D of Abscesses $40-$80 (depends on size, location, severity, and need for packing of abscess)

Laceration repair: Sutures $40-$80, Dermabond $40 (depends on size, location, severity of laceration)

Additional Labs throughout year: blood tests, urine or stool tests, wound cultures, etc. (*discounted price collect at visit).

House Calls are available to Members for $50/visit. Must be within 5 mile radius of Clinic Office. 

*These fees are based on current prices of supplies and medications. Subject to change based on current market prices. 

What's Not Covered or Provided by Membership?

Pathology Fees

Surgical Procedures

Dental Care/Visits

Radiology Studies


ER Visits / Urgent Care Visits

Specialist Care

Physical Therapy

Hometown Health & Wellness of Texas is not an Insurance Plan, Company, or Substitution for Insurance. We encourage our members to carry Medical Insurance that covers for at least Catastrophic Care, Hospitalization, and Specialty Care we do not provide.