Non-Membership Patients

Our goal is to work directly with our patients to provide accessible, affordable, quality healthcare to our community. Our clinic is great for those with no insurance, high deductible plans, cost sharing plans, or those wanting to take advantage of our convenient location and hours.  

$85 Acute Illness or Injury Non-Member Visit 

Some Examples include, but not limited to: Ear infection, Sinus infection, Bladder infection, Kidney stones, Sore throat, Flu symptoms, STDs, Allergies, Abdominal Pain, Nausea & Vomiting, Gastroenteritis, Rash, Animal Bite, Skin infections, Pink eye, Lung infections, Ear wax occlusion, Joint pain, possible fractures, etc.

 $100 Chronic Health Condition Non-Member Visit

Some Examples include, but not limited to: High Blood Pressure, Acid Reflux, High Cholesterol, Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, COPD, Gout, Thyroid disease, Depression, Anxiety, Contraception Counseling, Weight Loss, etc.

Special Visit Types

Yearly Physicals/Well Exams including Standard yearly Lab Panel $150

UIL Activity/Sports Physicals  $30

Camp, Scout, College Physicals  $50 

Single Simple Need $35 (Travel Nausea Patch Rx, Cold Sore Rx, First Vitamin Shot Visit)

Tests & Procedure Fees for Non-Members

(Prices may be subject to change based on current cost and availability of supplies)

Strep test: $10                                Influenza A&B test: $20

Urine pregnancy test: $7                     Urine test (dipstick): $3

Fingerstick Blood Glucose: $3        Mono test: $10

Ear Wax removal: $25-$40 (Curette vs Irrigation)

Collection of send out test through Quest or Labcorp Lab: 

urine culture, throat culture, wound culture: $5

   venipuncture for lab draw: $10

Vit B12 injection: $15 Albuterol Nebulizer Treatment: $12

Antibiotic Injection-Rocephin $20-$30 depending on dosage

Steroid Injection-DepoMedrol: $25-$43 depending on dosage

Anti-Nausea Injection- Phenergan ($15)

NSAID (Anti-inflammatory) Injection- Toradol ($15)

I&D of abscess (simple): $60

I&D of abscess (complex-requires packing) (Includes one f/u visit for evaluation and repacking if needed): $120

Laceration repair: Sutures $60-$100, Dermabond $60 (depends on size, location, severity of laceration)

Removal of Skin Tags: $40-$80 depending on #removed

Removal of suspicious Abnormal Skin lesion - send for pathology: $40 + cost of pathology